Performance Gains Fitness is located at 98 Railway Rd Blackburn and is a personal training and group training studio where people come to lose body fat, tone up, get strong and get real fitness results.

We here at Performance Gains Fitness believe that Exercise alone is not the answer. You need a complete solution, something that takes into consideration the 5 elements of fitness: Exercise, Diet and Nutrition, Education, and Motivation.

We strongly believe the in the benefits of our terrific programing;

  1. Reduce Your Body Fat Levels – Get lean and Tone your body shape - Change your figure - Drop a clothes size or two! - Look & feel great.
  2. Increase Fitness and Endurance - More energy for the day ahead - Enjoy fun with your children - Keep up with your partner! - Enjoy what life brings
  3. Increase Your Body’s Metabolism - Body burns more energy while not exercising - It makes it harder to put body fat back on - Easier to maintain your new body shape
  4. Health Benefits - Increased bone density - Reduced risk of osteoporosis & bone and joint problems - Normalise your blood pressure - Reduce the risk of diabetes - Reduce emotional & physical stress - Better concentration and better sleep - Reduce health care costs - Better quality of life
  5. And best of all, improve your sex life!
    We believe that your commitment to a lifestyle change is equally as important as our commitment to you. You must understand that changes don’t happen overnight, but success comes to those who have three main ingredients... Commitment, Persistence and Consistency

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